A Quinta do Marvão

Para momentos de paz e de puro contacto com a natureza.

With an exceptional panoramic view, Quinta do Marvao is located in the natural park and ecological reserve, on the gateway to the medieval village of Marvão.

Wake up with the tinkling of the sheeps going through the Roman road, take the delicious breakfast in the romantic atmosphere of the arches  in granite or in the quiet of the porch and prepare for moments of pure  relaxation or adventure.

From the farm, there is  a Roman road that gives direct access to the medieval village of Marvão, with marked paths, for walks that guarantee moments of discovery and adventure.

In the village of Marvão, you can walk through the medieval streets and visit the castle; outside the big walls, you can explore old paths by Roman trails on foot or on horseback, and watch the birds in their natural habitat.
Despite having all the surrounding nature environment, Quinta do Marvão is just some  minutes distance from major urban centers: a 3-minute Marvão and just 10 km from Castelo de Vide.